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Our aim is to deliver tailored financial solutions with superior customer service and genuine care. Our focus is taking the time to get to know you and understand your needs, work with you on your goals and enable your dreams and aspirations.
Financial planning can be a highly stressful time but with us it is an exciting and rewarding time. Here at, NRG Finance we deliver tailored finance solutions with superior customer service and genuine care, as well as offering ongoing support.


In 2012 Richard realised he was ready for a new challenge and left his successful career in real-estate to pursue a new challenge in the banking and finance industry.

Having lived and breathed property for the 7 years Richard was able to gain a wealth of knowledge about the property and investment market. This knowledge was a real strength as it allowed him to fast track his career in banking from a customer service specialist to a lending manger in 8 short months.

Using both his external and internal relationships along with his experience and extensive knowledge, it wasn’t too long after that Richard was able to progress from Lending manager through to Relationship manager dealing with some of the banks affluent high-end clients.

Richard takes pride in bringing focus and self-discipline to every deal, which he believes is the key to his personal and professional success. Having a real passion for seeing people reach their goal of home ownership and financial freedom the next logical step was to start his own business… And so, NRG FINANCE was born.

Richard says NRG Finance was created because he believed in helping people.

The problem with working for a bank meant that sometimes he couldn’t tailor the right solution to the individual and he needed to refer that client on. The relationship was there however the solution wasn’t. Having access to over 20 lenders now means that Richard can go that step further, hand in hand with the client on their financial journey tailoring them with the right financial solution.



In 2012 Lucas made the shift from retail management into the finance industry, joining one of the major banks. Coming from a retail background, service provision was a key influencer in his success within the banking industry. A focus that is on lasting relationships with open communication and transparency become a mainstay in his service offering and support of clients.

Across the course of the next 7 years he developed a large network of clients and referral partners, and was able to assist each and every one of his customers achieve their desired goals, whether that be buying their first home, refinancing to save time and money or expanding and growing their portfolio, he was able to guide and assist his clients in finding the best possible solution through these processes.

Having a genuine passion for helping educate his clients and enable them to not only achieve their goals, but also understand the process and make them feel completely at ease and assured that they were making well informed and beneficial decisions. He takes pride in developing long standing relationships with clients, and not being just a broker but a trusted adviser who can step clients through what can be a complicated and convoluted process with transparency and honesty.

Going from the big banks into the brokering industry simply meant Lucas was able to provide more solutions to more people with wider offerings and possibilities. The opportunity to assist more people and become a pivotal part in their financial journey is what drives him and seeing someones succeed in achieving there goals, and being a part of that achievement is ultimately what Lucas is after.

By all means reach out and test the waters for yourself by contacting Lucas or the team at NRG finance.

Why use a mortgage broker?

We offer the care and service the banks don't. We strive to go above and beyond and deliver exceptional, personalised service to our clients.

Experienced advice

Our passion is assisting our clients to finance for whatever they need. We understand that everyone has different needs and requires a different solution, so we take the time to understand each person’s needs and goals, so that we can customise the best solution for you.

Client first approach

What sets us apart from other mortgage brokers is our focus on tailoring each package to your individual needs. Unlike larger operations we deliver highly personalised solutions fit to each client’s needs. We offer the best mortgage advice for you, and treat our clients as individuals and friends rather than just numbers.

premium service

Our job as mortgage brokers is to negotiate the best home loan options on your behalf, educate you on hidden fees associated with each option, and do much of the hard work behind finalising a home loan. A bank will want to promote only their loans whether they are suitable or not, a mortgage broker will offer you a variety of loan options from a number of different lenders.

Ongoing support

Our service does not end at the settlement of your loan, but it's where our relationship begins. Owning a home or investment is a long term commitment, and we are here to help you through the whole journey. Just as you have a family doctor, we become your family finance expert, assisting you through the years with your questions as you travel through the different seasons of your life.


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